Maintenance services,
repair and overhaul

Our company offers PMS-1, PMS-2 services for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, including preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance, and major overhauls.

Our unique ethics allow us to value and promote an environment for our employees and clients that embodies excellence, quality, and great determination, achieving unique results in the Mexican aerospace sector.

We provide a convenient door-to-door service.

You can count on RC-DEVTA with the fastest possible response time in AOG (Aircraft On Ground), express, and field services. 

Collection and delivery. This includes maintenance outside of normal business hours and/or weekends.

Our technicians can be dispatched to perform off-base maintenance services at your location to assist you immediately. 

Buy-sell pre-inspections , exchange, or parts rental

Pre-purchase inspections, the source is visited, we validate its status and evaluate its appraisal value.

We carry out an exhaustive inspection that may include the disassembly and/or removal of parts that block the proper functioning of the engine.  

Re-certification of parts and components at zero hours after overhaul in the depot workshop, supporting work with 8130 formats and workshop work orders and bench test results for their return to an optimal level of airworthiness and reliability.

RC-DEVTA has a wide variety of different parts, accessories, modules, and even engine kits for sale, exchange, and rental. In addition to effective and fast response times.

Engine Repowering

We specialize in upgrading and modifying engines to meet the latest aerospace standards.

Assembly, disassembly and balancing of modules and engine sections and repair to the highest level of the standard specified in the corresponding manuals improving service time and costs.

Preventive Aeronautical Maintenance

The engines and thrust modules will undergo maintenance, repair, and overhaul to ensure operability for the next mission.


We are committed to providing you with exceptional support and attention to detail. Our workmanship adheres to customer requirements and the aerospace industry regulations.

Surplus Inventory Purchase

RC-DEVTA is available 24/7 for those interested in buying surplus inventory.